Toiling under the sun.

August 20, 2012

Taken at Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. There were plenty of these snack carts being pushed around the beach. It broke my heart to see such hardworking men and women, even pregnant women, toiling under the beating heat of the sun, pushing these heavy things to earn just a little bit of change. The snacks cost no more than a couple of dimes and nickels – I can’t even begin to understand how they live with such little money. It is good for the soul to have visibility to these things every now and then. And not just visibility, but visibility with acknowledgement and reflection, because it helps to keep an open mind and puts things into perspective – life is just so different in all parts of the world. So different that it is incomprehensible because it is so contrary to the norm, that is our comfortable lives.

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Posted By Charlene Precious @ 4:05 pm

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