TV Show Junky.

November 24, 2012

I never used to be a TV show junky and I’m uncertain of the trigger, but in the last year, I’ve gotten hooked on Dexter, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, 666 Park Avenue, and Breaking Bad, all of which come from a similar genre – a little bit on the darker side. American Horror Story, though, is by far my favourite – so incredibly twisted and filled with mental anguish. I can’t quite explain exactly what intrigues me about it and attracts me to it but the show makes you feel grotesquely uncomfortable and yet that’s precisely the appeal. It manages to radiate such chaotic emotion and turmoil. The best explanation is probably my general rule of thumb: if something (whether it be a show / film / song / literature, etc.) can evoke emotion of any type, I immediately appreciate. And sometimes, darker emotion trumps the others.

I am entering busy season at my Etsy Shop – I received 5 orders today. It makes me happy but anxious at the same time because December is going to be chaotic in every way possible and Etsy orders are but a drop in the bucket.


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