Another weddingful weekend.

August 10, 2014

It’s only now that the wedding stuff is getting to be a lot more fun than troublesome. For the record, I’m officially enjoying it a lot now. Probably because the tasks are different now being a month out. Or maybe I’m just getting really excited and am in a different headspace. :) We made a bunch of chalkboard signs, picked our songs, bought nice paper to write our love letters on, bought my bridal jewelry, bought chris’ wedding shoes, worked on our wedding favours, and a bunch of miscellaneous things. I will make a point to take pictures of ALL of our DIY items before the wedding and post them here. :) We are getting so excited!!! I can’t wait!

I also went for my first dress fitting this past Thursday and thank goodness I love the dress just as much as I did when I bought it back in November. There was a bit of anxiety there as to whether I’d feel the same about the dress 9 months later! *phew*

Here’s one from Santa Cruz, California beach boardwalk, inspired by an old roller coaster shot here. I LOVE carnivals. They make everything better.

Happy Sunday! And happy birthday to my little sister! <3


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