I`m here!!!

September 13, 2014

I haven’t posted since my bachelorette!! It has been an extra large whirlwind since then wrapping up at work and getting ready for the big day! But I’m here, alive and extremely happy!! I had the best day of my life on our wedding day and can’t wait to post pictures. I don’t have much time to write too much right now but wanted to get something up just so the blog isn’t sitting out of date for too long. I’m so behind on pictures in general. I still have so many from San Francisco to post. Now that the Fall semester has started back up and wedding plans are over and I’m not working full time, life will be much calmer. Or so I hope. I’m excited to be spending more time on the business. :) Will be back to post more really soon!


Posted By Charlene Precious @ 7:58 pm

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