The hills of San Fran.

September 15, 2014

Here’s a couple from San Fran, for my lack of posting lately. :) I just LOVE the hills and the staggered houses and buildings. The problem is, I just don’t think I could drive there! I’d actually be too worried about my car just rolling away. Being a passenger was scary enough; I always felt like the vehicle was going to give up on an uphill climb or come crashing down, although that fear was really quite unwarranted since the likelihood of cars rolling around was low as long as good drivers were behind the wheel. But I can’t believe there are residences on Lombard Street whose dwellers would need to park in and out of their garages on that crazy steep hill. Doesn’t seem to be the most practical area to live and to maneuver a vehicle? Love the city anyway. I also have a new found addiction to cityscape shots.

Both photos have been listed at my Etsy shop!

09.15.14 09.15.14b

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