More cityscapes.

September 20, 2014

More San Fran cityscapes. :) These were taken at the top of Twin Peaks. I remember that the wind was so strong that day, it was a bit scary to be so high up. It was gorgeous though. Chris and I are planning a small trip to the southern US, potentially New Mexico for a Breaking Bad road trip. The place looked pretty scenic in the show, so it’s definitely tempting.

I have my first assignment this semester due on Tuesday. You know what they really love to teach you in business school? Michael Porter’s Five Forces. My god, that framework has been hammered into our heads over and over and over and it sinks in a little deeper each time. They really want you to get good at it and to get good at it, you have to use it A LOT and that’s exactly what’s happening. It ought to come in handy.

09.20.14a 09.20.14b

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