Our barn wedding day!

September 19, 2014

I want to blog about our wedding before too much time passes. September 5, 2014: Our barn / farm wedding came together beautifully. It was honestly the absolute best day ever and I am so happy to be married to the love of my life. Chris is the most perfect person in the world for me and our day was filled with the sweetest memories. Words cannot express the overwhelming joy and warmth that is brought by friends, loved ones, and family coming together to celebrate your day. We were extra overjoyed because the weatherman was calling for rain the whole week leading up to our wedding day. We had planned an outdoor ceremony on a hill and rain would literally have been the worst thing that could happen. We didn’t even make a Plan B because rain was simply not an option. We prayed and prayed and prayed tirelessly. And then came the greatest day. Clear blue skies and although very hot, the heat was negated by a lot of wind, and our ceremony carried on outdoors as planned. The weather continued to stay awesome and the rain held out until a couple of hours after the reception had started inside the barn. Then it came. It was some serious rain with some crazy wind, we thought the barn would take us to Oz. :) But all of our stars aligned and prayers were answered as always. Our God is so good to us. My advice to those debating an outdoor-ish wedding, just do it! Greater risk, greater reward. :)

We all ate delicious food, danced plenty, sang sweet songs, spoke from the heart, played games, gave hugs, gave kisses, said I love yous, held hands, laughed a whole bunch, cried a wee bit, made promises, felt more love than ever, and it has all become a beautiful memory. I’m so grateful for our parents, wedding party, and talented vendors who helped make our dream and vision come together. I really hated most of the planning process (I don’t have patience for event planning) but it was undoubtedly ALL WORTH IT in the end. Would I do it all again? Yes. :) The wedding day was that much fun that I’d go through the dreaded planning process again to re-live the day.

So, despite the overload of awesomeness, no one tells you about post-wedding blues until you find out for yourself! I didn’t even know that the darn thing existed. I was overwhelmed with pure happiness for a few days when we were on our minimoon at Ste. Anne’s Spa and then BAM! I transitioned to this happy-sad state, if that makes any sense. Like sweet sorrow almost, which came just by suddenly realizing that the most perfect and amazing day has come and gone!!! What an insane realization. And then despite how amazing the day was, I started to overthink every detail of the day and the little things I had missed as a result of not being on my A game and deciding to let our wedding day take me away completely. How stupid does that even sound? (Lol). But I’m happy to say that two weeks later, I’ve beat both the post-wedding blues and overthinking the details. It takes a bit of time for us mildly crazy people. The cure? Talking it all out, blogging, and editing imperfect pictures curated from the cameras of family and friends. We won’t be seeing our professional photos and videos for another 2-3 months – that really hurts me to think about, lol. But I will share when they’re ready!

So, here are a few imperfectly perfect pictures we can call our own, thanks to all of our picture-taking guests!! I’ve only posted a few on this blog because I don’t want this post to overpower all my other posts (even though it kind of already has, seeing as I’ve rambled on for a few paragraphs now). Instead, I’ve provided a link to our wedding blog where more of the photos can be seen: click here. :) I also think I’m going to preserve our wedding website and keep it alive for a while. I’m a memory-monster if you can’t already tell.

Anyway, what an experience to remember. Love it!!! #OntoTheNextThing!

09.10.14p 09.10.14 09.10.14g 09.10.14b 09.07.14 09.07.14k 09.07.14e 09.07.14i 09.12.14 09.18.14 09.18.14e 09.18.14s 09.18.14z 09.18.14y 09.18.14hh2

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