Sand castles & the all-American boy.

June 26, 2013

The photo would not be the same without the all-American boy in his patriotic swimming shorts. I love accidental captures like these. If that boy had not made his way into my picture, it would’ve just been the sand pails and castles, which would not have made as interesting of a photo.

Despite my insanely busy life and with days where I feel like crying from overwhelming workload, I’m in an amazing place. I love my job. I love photography so much and I get to spend boardroom discussions strategizing and figuring out how to get people to buy cameras and fall in love with this beautiful craft. There is nothing more fitting. The passion will always be there.

I’m sitting in class waiting for my turn to deliver a presentation. I am pleasantly surprised with everyone’s presentation abilities and how comfortable they are speaking in front of people – they are very, very good! This is definitely not undergrad anymore and I don’t think I’ll ever see another crappy presentation.

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