The Low Down.

June 25, 2013

We sunbathed endlessly and ate like we had just survived a famine.

We went snorkelling but didn’t see too many fish. This is my second time snorkelling and still no fish. What’s up with that?

We joined hands with hundreds of people and climbed 960 ft. up the Dunn’s River Falls like this. Your speed and ability is completely dependent on the person in front of and behind you. It was like team building with strangers. Our tour guide was named Bling Bling and avidly wanted to be addressed by that name. I don’t really understand but that’s okay.

We went out to the town. We walked by foot around the parameters and then went by car to what they called the “ghetto” neighbourhoods to see how people lived. The most interesting bit was that many of the houses were halfway to completion. The first level is built with a bunch of steel / wood / building materials sitting idle on the rooftop to add on to the house when time and money permits. I got a few pictures but was hesitant to snap away freely in case the dwellers got angry. In town, we came across a man who offered to walk around with us for a small payment. Being under the impression that going off the resort is “dangerous”, we figured we’d let him come along for our own peace of mind. His name was Big Papa. It felt weird every time you addressed him by such a name. “Hey, Big Papa, can we stop to take a picture?” Big Papa wore this giant golden chain around his neck. He says he “runs the block” and no one else around is called Big Papa and as we walked around, many gave him “props” and he seemed to be quite popular. We felt safe with Big Papa.

Two photos here. The first one is of seashells that our friend Kevin found under the Caribbean Sea. The other is a selfie just after we finished the Dunn’s River Falls climb and before hopping onto the Catamaran.

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